Wisconsin Golf Sales Association 2020 Update

Just a quick update on a couple things looking towards 2020 … a couple “save the dates” and “be on the look outs”

2020 Dues — Dues will remain the same but to streamline the dues paying system we will be requiring that all dues be paid via credit card through the links we have used in the past. You will also be asked to update your contact and line information on the weblink as well — this will be up and running in a few weeks.


Friday February 7th — Final Day to Pay 2020 Association Dues

Monday March 2nd — Product Showcase Event (Oneida Bingo, Casino Hotel – Green Bay)

Monday March 2nd — WiGSA Annual Meeting 12:15P (same venue)

Monday March 2nd — WPGA Awards Dinner (sponsored in part by our association) (same venue)

Monday May 4th — WPGA / WiGSA Pro/Rep Memorial Event (Hawks View GC, Lake Geneva, WI)

Sunday October 25th – Tuesday October 27th — WPGA / WiGSA Fall Meetings and Merchandise Show (Embassy Suites, Brookfield)

WPGA / WiGSA Rosters sent — four times annually or as needed from WPGA office.

WPGA Job Change Announcements — sent as needed from the WPGA office (we do not send rep job changes as it would become cumbersome)

WPGA / WiGSA Smart Phone App — updated regularly



ALL messages and notices for DUES PAYMENT will come from our Secretary Treasurer Dan Hoffman his email address is  dhoffman@touredge.com so make a note and don’t allow it to go to SPAM or JUNK

ALL messages and notices for the PRODUCT SHOWCASE and the MEMORIAL Pro/Rep Event will come from our Vice President Dave Denoyer his email address is denoyerdavid@gmail.com so make a note and dont allow it to go to SPAM or JUNK

ALL messages and notices for the FALL MERCHANDISE SHOW will come from myself …

OF SPECIAL NOTE — all three of us are active, traveling, golf sales professionals just like you … we all have busy schedules and are volunteer officers that handle these events and such in our not so regular spare time. For that reason alone we have as an elected executive board decided to limit the amount of emails sent per event to TWO. There will be an initial email and a reminder/final notice email sent. There will be no further emails sent to remind, chase or otherwise prod you to pay dues or sign up for events.

LAST — It’s that time of year again, PLEASE remember – sharing our rosters both sales association and WPGA with non member reps and/or companies is not allowed and heavily frowned upon. This WiGSA policy was installed after a voice vote of our membership taken several years ago at an annual meeting. PLEASE do not share our data as it is part of the benefits YOU receive as a member of our association. Recently, I found that a company was cold calling reps based off of our rep listing. They were quickly admonished and asked to not cold call our members and have since ceased! All company’s that call the WPGA office for listings are referred to me, I then refer them to our association webmaster (if they choose) to place an ad that they pay a modest amount for. Thanks —