2019 WPGA Product Showcase Online Registration

All — For all members in good standing as of February 18th, 2019
The WiGSA Spring Product Showcase is being held at the Wilderness Resort on Monday March the 4th, 2019. As many of you know it is held in conjunction with the Wisconsin PGA Spring Meetings and WPGA Awards Night which we are a primary sponsor of.
I believe this is our faith annual Spring Product Showcase with this table event being designed as a one day, browsing show that allows you to meet a large number of golf professionals in waves over the course of the day. You are allowed one 6-8ft table and a small amount of room behind and to the side of each table. (base don the number of reps) It isn’t a full blown bring in everything event as space is limited.
Set up time is from about 10:30 until around 11 … many pro’s begin arriving around 11 and the PGA has their Spring Business Meeting scheduled for noon. After their meeting golf professionals attend several break out sessions of which one is visiting our area.
To participate we ask that you register via this online portal before 2/18/2019 … (firm cut off date) There is a $75 reservation fee that is held in the event someone “no shows” otherwise this event is covered as part of our 2019 budget and you have no expense in attending. https://wiscpga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/wiscpga19/event/wiscpga199/index.htm register as a non-member and follow the instructions. If you have issue contact Joe Stadler or Chris Hoel at the WPGA for help.
After the showcase event is completed around 5P the WPGA Awards evening commences with an open bar, dinner and awards presentation. It usually goes until about 9:30 and all WiGSA members are invited to attend. The WPGA will send out an RSVP in February as the date draws closer.
The Wilderness Resort will again be offering a special rate to all WiGSA and WPGA members — again — not my department and that information will be sent by the WPGA.
We will also be having our Wisconsin Golf Sales Representatives Association Annual Meeting at about 12:15 Monday March 4th, 2019 in the same room as the product showcase. This will be, as always, a fun filled and super informative meeting. I’m only guessing but we might even vote on something if we can conjure up a reason to do so –
Please act now as there will be only one other reminder notice sent — February 11th, 2019.


Mike Warren
Wisconsin Golf Sales Association

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